Sponsorship Opportunities

Welcome Home Sponsorship $150
Become an introductory sponsor with this package that assists with basic training by our Lead Behaviorist to help transition a rescue dog into their forever home.

Comforts of Home Sponsorship $275
Provide for the special needs and senior dogs that come through our rescue. This package will pay for a comfy bed, a new collar, cozy blanket, several toys, and vaccinations.

Forever Home Sponsorship Cat $250 OR Dog $450
Provide resources for all of the transport, neutering, and regular vaccination fees to prepare an animal for their forever home.

911 Sponsorship $1,500
Help a dog or cat receive critical vet care and behaviorist evaluation when they are rescued from a dangerous situation needing emergency care. Includes a press release and potential news coverage for the sponsor.

Lifetime of Love Sponsorship $2,750
Provide all of the vetting requirements and transportation to get a mom and her litter to our rescue. The package includes a photo and press release of the dogs with the sponsor. This package is ideal for businesses looking to get involved in the community.

Pack Pal Sponsorship $5,000
Become a visible partner in our adoption process. This package includes your business logo and contact information prominently displayed on the adoption envelopes given to every adopter. This package is ideal for businesses looking to get involved in the community.

Pack Protector Sponsorship $10,000
Protect pets from dangers to their health. This sponsorship pays for the preventative care (flea/tick/heart-worm) for a year of the animals who stay in our care for longer than one week.

Feed the Pack Sponsorship $12,000
Support us in nourishing the animals in our care. This package pays for all of our food for the year. Alternatively, this could be an in-kind donation of an approved food. This sponsorship would allow us to save even more animals throughout the year.

Leader of the Pack Sponsorship $25,000
Lead the way for dozens of pets to get closer to adoption. This package pays for the vetting, neutering, transportation expenses, and coordination to take in and prepare 30-50 animals for adoption. This could mean a rescue from one hoarding case or an entire kill shelter in the south.

For details on the benefits of our sponsorships or additional opportunities submit a contact us form or email info@packleadersrescue.com. 

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