As the adopter, I agree to accept full responsibility for the care of this animal, releasing the previous owner as well as Pack Leaders Rescue of CT and its representatives of any liability from this date forward. I agree to abide by the adoption conditions and realize that I am committed to this animal for its life. I have read and fully understand that Pack Leaders Rescue of CT may repossess this animal at any time if the adoption conditions are violated or the animal is mistreated with no refund.

To allow a representative of Pack Leaders Rescue of CT to visit my premises to ensure the terms of this agreement have been kept.

The animal will not be kept strictly outdoors or on a chain.

The animal will be provided with adequate fresh food and water, clean, dry shelter when outside, and daily exercise.

To provide a safe collar with rabies and I.D. tags to be worn at all times (except for indoor cats).

To obey all applicable laws governing control and custody of animals.

To provide all medical care and treatment needed by the animal including but not limited to yearly medical checkups, vaccines, and heartworm/flea/tick preventatives.

To adopt the animal only as a personal pet/companion and not as a gift, working animal, or guard dog.

The animal is not be sold or given away for any reason. If it becomes necessary to find the animal another home, Pack Leaders Rescue of Connecticut will be contacted and the situation will be resolved in a case by case manner.

Monetary refunds. Within the first 7 days after adoption, a penalty of $150 will be incurred to cover expenses necessary to re-shelter the animal; the remainder of the balance will be returned. There is no refund after the 7th day of adoption. Adoption fees are considered a donation and tax deductible.

Our animals are specifically transported to our location with the understanding that they have been adopted to you. If the animal fails a behavioral test or medical exam upon arriving at our facility Pack Leaders Rescue of CT will notify you and may cancel the adoption. We follow this procedure because we are a small rescue that needs the kennel space for our rehabilitation dogs.


Pack Leaders Rescue of CT assumes no responsibility nor shall they be held liable for any damages caused by the adopted animal to property, person or other pets. If any medical problems should occur after adoption, Pack Leaders Rescue of CT is not liable for any medical bills even if the illness/injury are deemed to be preexisting.

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