Our Team

Americo “Montana” Cateni

President & Lead Behaviorist

Montana and his team evaluate our rescue dogs and perform training pre and post adoption.


Victoria “Tori” Cateni

Vice President
& Executive Director

Tori oversees all aspects of the organization to ensure that we follow our mission.

Erin Turner

Director of Marketing, Adoption Coordinator
& Lead Volunteer

Erin assists with operations, communications, public relations, and branding of our rescue.

Jennifer Williams

Cat Program Coordinator

Jennifer is responsible for the coordination of the cats in our rescue to evaluate their needs and ensure a smooth transition from our rescue to a forever home.

Andrea Maney

Volunteer Coordinator

Andrea recruits, organizes, and schedules our volunteer program. Contact Andrea at volunteer@packleadersrescue.com to start volunteering!

Jennifer sitting with two dogs

Jennifer Kanaitis

Director of Local Adoptions, Facebook Page Manager
& Lead Volunteer

Jennifer is our social media guru who promotes our local dogs and maintains relationships with animal control officers throughout the state. Like our Facebook page today and join our 14,000 followers!

Debby Sce

Dog Listing Coordinator

Debby is in charge of posting all of our dogs on our partner sites.

Melissa Hayford

Cat Listing Coordinator

Melissa specializes in posting all of our cats available for adoption.

Open Volunteer Positions

Foster Coordinator

This volunteer recruits and coordinates the foster homes for all of our rescue animals. Email info@packleadersrescue.com for more information.

Community Events Coordinator

This volunteer promotes our available dogs through local community events. He/she will also maintain the google events calendar and be the main contact for special events and booths. Email info@packleadersrescue.com for more information.

Training Dogs


Our lead training dog! She has worked very hard training our K-9 trainers Hercules, Apollo and Lancelot.


Our super cute Rotty. He was a trained by Ginger and has amazing balance!


This beautiful German Shepherd is everything you could want! His energy is so balanced. He gets along with all dogs and humans! He is in full training mode with Ginger and Hercules.


Our beautiful and very calm miniature Collie.

Board Of Directors

  • Americo Cateni, President
  • Victoria Cateni, Vice President
  • Sal Morabito
  • Kevin Galvin
  • Jan Smyth
  • William Nolan
  • Erin Turner
  • Michael Kupper
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